Asset Management

So what is investment management? The world to finance is a complicated place, but you don’t need a degree in economics so years experience to understand.


Only need to know is how the city works and how we fit into it. This city is made up retail and commercial banks investment banks insurance and investment managers. Act-up retail and commercial banks are the ones most people are familiar with and a fairly straightforward. They taken money from customer deposits other banks and shareholders. They then distribute this money through credit cards and loans to individuals and companies and other banks.



Retail and commercial banks make money on the interest charges on these loans. Investment banks on the other hand are more complicated. They allow their clients, that includes investment managers, to trade on the financial markets. They also deal with IP. Westchester stock in a company are sold to the general public mergers where two companies join together to form a single new company and acquisitions where one company bite out ownership another company.



Insurance companies taken money by charging for private and corporate insurance policies. In return for providing protection against the unexpected. They in ten protected from being unable to pay out on policy claims by moving money to a reinsurance company and therefore reducing exposure to risk. That just leaves investment managers like ourselves also known as fun double asset managers we do exactly as you’d expect.



If you think our clients money as raw materials whether that’s in shares bond and commodities or derivatives and fidelity the investment manager as a machine and that machine to a series of processes turns raw materials into a product a fund. In simple terms the goal of the fund is to make a return for our clients on their initial investment. Use money to make money. Now the process the investment management machine uses to turn those raw materials into the fund can vary greatly it all depends on the investment strategy use it


Passive Investing

Lecture on Portfolio Management